Black Gold: The Esoteric and the Ecological

Our society’s rituals of consumption are marked out in prehistoric time. Ossified imagination fuels the quest for energy, propels drilling deeper and deeper into the ground. However, the forthcoming risks associated with oil extraction will soon be subterranean in only the shallowest sense. No longer

Plastic Undone: Montalti’s Ephemeral Icons

Plastic exists as a significant node in a network of cultural, economic, environmental and political interests. It takes on many roles: domestic servant, caretaker, medical support, kitchen aid, industrial worker. The material is pervasive, yet the cultural sentiment towards it in Anglo-American culture is ambivalent

Rhonda Weppler and Trevor Mahovsky: Veneers

MacLaren Art Centre Barrie, Ontario December 4, 2014— March 8, 2015   To say we live in a society utterly devoted to the superficial, to the surfaces of things, certainly isn’t the most profound thing one might utter about us. It’s pretty self-evident, all in all. But “self-evident” doesn’t necessarily

Jon Rafman: A Profound Dissonance

Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran Montréal October 15— December 6, 2014   “A profound dissonance” is how Giorgio Agamben explains the condition of being contemporary. He continues: “the contemporary is he who firmly holds his gaze on his own time so as to perceive not its light, but rather its darkness.” 1 In

Milutin Gubash, exhibition catalogue

Milutin Gubash, exhibition catalogue, co-published by Rodman Hall Art, Centre/Brock University, Carleton University, Art Gallery, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Southern Alberta Art Gallery and Musée d’art de Joliette, 2013, 192 pages. Colour ill. Eng/Fra.