André-Louis ParéN° 135 - Fall 2023

The Futures of Smell

Virtual reality scientists are now developing an interface that can release different smells associated with the images that the VR headset transmits. After inconclusive attempts to present films with odours in the 1950s, currently proposed interfaces show promising signs. Up to now, the metaverse simply reproduced visible and auditory aspects,

Bernard Schütze
FIFA 2023: Afterimages and Reflections
Gil McElroy
Ice Follies
Vende Tela, Compra Terra. Exhibition view. Courtesy of SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art. Photo: Freddy Arciniegas - Arcpixel.
Julia Eilers Smith
MAHKU (Movimento dos Artistas Huni Kuin), Vende tela, compra terra
n° 132 - Autumn 2022
Enfleshing Flesh: An Interview with Mlondolozi (Mlondi) Zondi