Fevered Sleep’s Sheep Pig Goat

Last year, Sheep Pig Goat, the UK-based company Fevered Sleep’ project, was commissioned by the Wellcome Collection as part of their year-long Making Nature program, which explored the relationship between perception and knowledge in human-animal relationships, along with all the attendant issues of mastery, anthropomorphism

Art and Psychoactives

On behalf of public health, the Canadian Parliament is preparing to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. By regulating its production and consumption, and no longer prohibiting it, Canada makes this drug (

FTA 2018 | Sarah Vanhee: Oblivion

[texte available in french only], the art critic and curator (and both Director and member of the Editorial comity of ESPACE art actuel magazine) André-Louis Paré publishes a review of the performance Oblivion, by the artist Sarah Vanhee. The performance/art installation is presented as part of

Space in question

This summer, if everything works out as planned, artist and geographer Trevor Paglen will launch a reflecting sculpture titled Orbital Reflector into extra-atmospheric space. Produced with a lightweight (