Creating in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Artificial Intelligence could remedy our shortfalls and help us to surmount our hesitations and fears? If it could relieve us of the burden of existence. If AI could become human and even more than human. But let’s not get carried away. Could AI one day (…)

COZIC. Over to You. From 1967 to Now

[text available in French only] Michelle Drapeau is a candidate for the Master’s degree in Art History at Laval University, an independent curator and cultural worker from Moncton (NB), based in Quebec City and publishes here a review of the MNBAQ’s exhibition “COZIC. Over to You. From 1967 to Now“.

Alexis Bellavance, Sarah Wendt + Pascal Dufaux at AXENÉO7

[text available in French only] Anna Brunette is a master’s student in art history at UQAM and publishes here a review on the two recent Axeneo7 exhibitions: Alexis Bellavance’s “Compressions : tables préparées” and Sarah Wendt + Pascal Dufaux’s “Quelque part dans l’inachevé“.

Dialogues avec l’histoire

[text available in French only] Laurent Vernet holds a Master’s degree in art history and a doctorate in urban studies and publishes here a review on the forum entitled “L’art public à l’épreuve de la commémoration corrigée” at Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec on October 7, 2019.


Clearly, the word “transparency” is increasingly present now in the discourse of public administration, business ethics, and in all forms of goods and services. Not a day goes by without this notion (…)

FTA 2019 | Stefan Kaegi: Granma. Trombones from Havana

In Granma, history, of the grand forward-marching and/or circle-turning variety, and narrative threads of the everyday and mundane sort overlap, intertwine and interweave to form a tapestry centred on the heritage of the Cuban revolution. At once intimate and (…)