FTA 2018 | Sarah Vanhee: Oblivion

[texte available in french only], the art critic and curator (and both Director and member of the Editorial comity of ESPACE art actuel magazine) André-Louis Paré publishes a review of the performance Oblivion, by the artist Sarah Vanhee. The performance/art installation is presented as part of the 2018 edition of the Festival TransAmériques.

Space in question

This summer, if everything works out as planned, artist and geographer Trevor Paglen will launch a reflecting sculpture titled Orbital Reflector into extra-atmospheric space. Produced with a lightweight material similar to Mylar, this work will be affixed to a small satellite placed on board a Falcon 9 rocket, property of SpaceX, the CEO being none…


Can we heal our wounds? And to do so, must we relegate them to oblivion or consign them to a form of liberating reconciliation? In recent years at the political level, we have seen the Canadian government issue apologies to various communities who have suffered from the state’s past indiference. Financial compensation often accompanies these apologies. For example (…)

Emotions and Visual Arts

Art as a fictional presence has always encouraged the expression of artistic emotions. Whether it is through theatre, fiction writing, music, painting, sculpture, photography, film or video, human beings as readers, spectators or viewers are inclined to be moved. And while an emotional experience is always encouraged in many artistic categories, this was not always…

Dominique Sirois, Deux cannibales, 2015

Dominique Sirois lives and works in Montreal, she holds a degree from University of Quebec in Montreal in visual art (MFA 2010). Her practice takes the form of installation involving an interplay of sculptures, videos, sounds and prints. With her projects, Sirois creates mental spaces, semiotic constructions linking economic, aesthetic, archeologic and digital references. Often…