Dominique Sirois lives and works in Montreal, she holds a degree from University of Quebec in Montreal in visual art (MFA 2010). Her practice takes the form of installation involving an interplay of sculptures, videos, sounds and prints. With her projects, Sirois creates mental spaces, semiotic constructions linking economic, aesthetic, archeologic and digital references.


Often filled with a critical dimension, Sirois installations reproduces on the one hand displays of consumer society and of the field of finance. Her fictional company project, Mimesis Trinity, is part of this approach and explores the dimension of desire in the economy. For the next chapter, Strange Devotion (2018), Sirois intends to question the excesses of capitalism by making an analogy with the decorative dimension as a symptom of formalism. On the other hand, the theme of a future archeology articulated either by the ruins of contemporary objects or by considering the survival of digital memory was the object of collaborations with artist Grégory Chatonsky.


Sirois works has been presented in numerous galleries in Canada among those, Clark center and Latitude 53. She also made several residencies abroad (Glasgow C.C.A., Couvent des Récollets in Paris and Hangar in Barcelona). She frequently collaborates with artist Grégory Chatonsky. They presented their joint work at Taipei MOCA, CDA of Enghien-les-Bains, Unicorn Center for Arts and Whuan History Museum in China, Mois de la Photo in Montreal and l’IMAL in Brussel.

The ink on paper Deux cannibales continues the trajectory of works made in the context of Études Mimesis Trinity (Atlas). In this series of artworks, the artist reproduced in a mimetic way images taken from the internet and framed them in a “clipart” style.


Dominique Sirois, Deux cannibales, 2015.
Inkjet print on Moab Natural 300 paper, 20 X 22 cm.


$100 CAD (including issue n° 117 of ESPACE art actuel) (+ taxes and shipping cost). Each print (1/30) is individually signed and numbered.

Deux cannibales (2015) by Dominique Sirois

100.00 $