Geolocation: You Are Here

While Apple’s geolocation software recently “lost” two users in the middle of the Australian desert and China announced that it will begin a satellite counteroffensive, proposing an alternative to the American GPS hegemony by 2020, our everyday relationship to cartography is rapidly deteriorating and the connection between territory and its mapping is increasingly eroding. Supplanted…

Depart, Remain; Nostalgia and Melancholy in the Work of Jean-Yves Vigneau

In this imaginary constellation, the hope for a better life, for a radical discovery of the self—since all voyages are a kind of personal conversion—are associated with the existence, somewhere, of a rare, special place, at which one must arrive […] To be modern is to depart, being able to tear oneself away from ‘here.’
—Anne Barrère and Danilo Martucelli