Interested in rewriting history through weaving, Michaëlle Sergile mainly reworks texts and books on postcolonial theories. Frantz Fanon, often cited as one of the most important authors of postcolonial theories, addressed in 1952, in Black Skin, White Masks, not only the power relations between colonized and colonizers, but also the relations between persons of colour and their “community.” It is through this major work that the codification system took shape allowing the artist to weave books and passages thus questioning cultural identity. She has been long-listed for the 2022 Sobey Art Award and has several exhibitions to her credit, one at ArtHelix in Brooklyn and another at the Aqua Art Fair in Miami.


Michaëlle Sergile, To Hold a Smile, 2019-2022 (detail). Installation with cotton fabric screen printing of the poem. Inkjet print on Moab Natural 300, 20 x 28 cm. Courtesy of the artist.


100 $ CAD (included #132 of ESPACE art Actuel) + taxes and shipping cost. Each print (1/20) is individually signed and numbered.

To Hold a Smile (2019-2022) by Michaëlle Sergile

100.00 $