Borders 101

The natural border is the only true border, indisputable, absolute. The others are only imitations, human constructions unable to equal natural perfection.

2020 Fundraising Campaign

Contribute to the future of ESPACE art actuel by contributing to its 2020 fundraising campaign! Many of you share with us your astonishment and enthusiasm for the changes made since issue 107 of ESPACE art actuel. To encourage us to continue this renewal effort, the small ESPACE team is asking for your generosity. Published by the Centre de diffusion 3D,…

Dialogues avec l’histoire

[text available in French only] Laurent Vernet holds a Master’s degree in art history and a doctorate in urban studies and publishes here a review on the forum entitled “L’art public à l’épreuve de la commémoration corrigée” at Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec on October 7, 2019.