Clearly, the word “transparency” is increasingly present now in the discourse of public administration, business ethics, and in all forms of goods and services. Not a day goes by without this notion (

Art and Psychoactives

On behalf of public health, the Canadian Parliament is preparing to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. By regulating its production and consumption, and no longer prohibiting it, Canada makes this drug (

Space in question

This summer, if everything works out as planned, artist and geographer Trevor Paglen will launch a reflecting sculpture titled Orbital Reflector into extra-atmospheric space. Produced with a lightweight (


Can we heal our wounds? And to do so, must we relegate them to oblivion or consign them to a form of liberating reconciliation? In recent years at the political level, we have seen the (

Emotions and Visual Arts

Art as a fictional presence has always encouraged the expression of artistic emotions. Whether it is through theatre, fiction writing, music, painting, sculpture, photography, film or video, human beings as (

Face Politics

Our relationship to the face, this frontal part of the head that is linked to what is most intimate in the human being, often serves to inspire various interventions of an aesthetic or political order. Does the face (