In order to contribute to the funding of ESPACE art actuel, we would like to offer you an interesting way to support the publication of the magazine whilst investing in an original artwork — signed and numbered — by an artist.

Since issue no. 115, published in January 2017, year of our 30th anniversary!, every publication (May, September & January) has been accompanied by the creation of an artwork inspired by the theme of the current issue. Each work will be sent with the corresponding issue of the magazine.

130 — Fiona Annis: Double Moon Crossing (2016)
128 — Clara Lacasse: Strates (2021)
126 — Massimo Guerrera: Domus (Se rencontrer vraiment) (2017)
125 — karen elaine spencer: always the same, 2013 (sold out)
124 — Adam Basanta: Collaged 19th century photographic landscapes with trees, palms, and observers, 2019
122 — Simon Bilodeau: Ce que l’on ne voit pas qui nous touche, dessin #5, 2014
120 — Guillaume Adjutor Provost: Page 51 (Maude Veilleux), 2018
119 — Julie Tremble: Les nébuleuses ne sont plus ce qu’elles étaient, 2018
118 — Caroline Monnet: The End of a Cycle is the Beginning of a New One, 2017 (sold out)
117 — Dominique Sirois: Deux cannibales, 2015
116 — Michael A. Robinson: Corporate Logos, 2017
115 — Steve Giasson: Performance invisible no 20 (Imaginer une pièce vide), 2015

« Fundraising: 1992 and 2001 » Artworks

We are offering three series of artworks signed by Pierre Granche, Cozic and Michel Saulnier, created for fundraising campaigns in 1992 and 2001.